AlwaysJean, where boho meets edge!
Created and founded by Erica Blanchard. Erica is a licensed cosmetologist, Aesthetician, Makeup Artist and self taught jewelry maker/designer with a huge passion for creating.
Ever since Erica was a young girl she loved to be hands on and creating. Whether that was braiding her American girl doll's hair or whipping up some kind of arts and crafts creation. Being creative came easy to her, she was always told she had a big imagination. Someone who played a big role in Erica's life and supported everything she did was her grandmother Jean Blanchard. Her grandmother signed her up for an arts in crafts subscription where she got two crafts in the mail a month, she soon filled up Jean's house with all her creations and she has never stopped creating since! This is really where her love for creating took off. With Jean no longer with us Erica wanted to honor her name in the best way she could and that was in the name of her business.
Erica describes herself as an easy going free spirit and that is exactly what she hoped to bring into her brand. AlwaysJean pieces are simple but fun, unique, and one of a kind. No two AlwaysJean pieces are the same and all designs are created and handmade by Erica herself.
XO- AlwaysJean