Gemstone Starburst charms with gold plated lava rock and hoop earrings-14k hooks.

Gemstone Starburst charms with gold plated lava rock and hoop earrings-14k hooks.

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One of a kind, handmade earrings. 14k gold filled fish hooks. Gold plated Brass Findings. Gold plated Lava Rock. 

 As you slip these earrings on, you will feel an exquisite sense of enchantment wash over you. The delicately crafted celestial elements gently sway and catch the light, reflecting a celestial radiance that illuminates your features. They subtly enhance your natural elegance, effortlessly accentuating your style and drawing attention to your celestial nature.

The versatility of these celestial earrings is truly remarkable. From an important business meeting to a romantic dinner or an evening under the stars, they effortlessly transition from day to night, embracing your unique style at every turn. They are a symbol of confidence and bring a celestial radiance to your overall appearance.

Not only will you look magnificent wearing our Celestial Earrings, but they also encourage a celestial state of mind. They remind you to embrace the beauty that surrounds you and to bask in the magic of the universe. Let them be a reminder of the infinite possibilities that await.



All AlwaysJean pieces are one of a kind small batch and handmade with close care, good energy and love. 

AlwaysJean strongly suggests to avoid sleeping, showering and swimming with any of our pieces on. Normal wear and tear will occur over time but following our recommendations will ensure your pieces last longer.
If you do experience damage to a piece ect. be sure to reach out so we can work on a solution for you. 
We hope our pieces bring joy and positive vibes to your life. Be you, live your truth and Always Accessorize!