Silver Eye -Sterling Silver Necklace.

Silver Eye -Sterling Silver Necklace.

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Details: 17’ in. Sterling Silver Chain and eye charm. 

All Necklaces are completely 925 sterling silver. To ensure they stay looking their best we still encourage you to take off jewelry before going in chlorine especially but also sleeping and showering. The necklaces will stay much more shinny and new when they are taken care of. 

All AlwaysJean  pieces are one of a kind and handmade with close care, good energy and love. 

AlwaysJean strongly suggests to avoid sleeping, showering and swimming with any of our pieces on. Normal wear and tear will occur over time but following our recommendations will ensure your pieces last longer.
If you do experience a piece breaking ect. be sure to reach out so we can work on a repair.
We hope our pieces bring joy and positive vibes to your life.